Everyday Software as a Service (Saas) for SMBs

Our company identifies, develops and markets vertical software solutions for SMBs in Latam & US.

We belive the best technology should be affordable to small and medium seized businesses.


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We have especific vertical solutions and country based solutions. Click on the links to explore.

Software as a Service (SaaS) for accounting, payrol and tax compliance. Designed for accountants and companies with 100% tax compatibility in Ecuador (www.dora.ec) and Perú (www.dora.pe). Complete accounting but without tax compliance or payrol systems in Costa Rica (www.dora.cr), Colombia (www.dora.com.co), Guatemala (www.dora.gt), Mexico (www.dora.mx) and Panamá (www.dora.com.pa). Dora is a fremium product and growing brand with over 40.000 accounts opened.

Practisis (www.practisis.com) is a Software as a Service SaaS Point of Sale POS solution for the restaurant industry. The product is designed for table restaurants and fast food (quick) restaurants. It also has a version for catering services, bars and night club operations. Working in several countries in Latin America with over 3.000 implementations. The product also includes inventory management, cost control and employee management.


Electronic Billing for Ecuadopr and Perú, 100% compliant with local regulation agencies SRI (Ecuador) and SUNAT (Peru). The service offers an open API and integration to other billing software products. Thousands of customers use electronic billing products from Practifactura (www.practifactura.com) for their daily invoicing needs.

AVAPOS (www.avapos.com) is a US based restaurant Point of Sale POS solution with inventory management and food cost control. It includes several configurations for diferent type of restaurants and kitchen control systems.

The software is designed for stand alone restaurants or chains of restaurants. The software includes standar recipe control, purchases, inventory and over 100 management reports.

Zine.ec is a streaming platform for independent country specific movies from Ecuador. It also works as a streaming service for independent filmakers and indy film festivals.

RestaurantMath.co is an AI enabled platform to achieve cost control and profit management for restaurant operations. The platform connects to various Point of Sales (POS) software vendors and manages cost and sales control. Aimed at independent and small restaurant chains, it's operating in the US and Latin America. The spanish version of the service is Matematica para Restaurantes (www.matematicapararestaurantes.com)

Local Knowledge

Our products are designed from the begining with local and industry knowledge of every market we explore. We only work with in vertical markets and build with customers local knowledge over the years.

SMB Ready

All our solutions are "ready to use" software solutions. We strive to get users to use our products as fast as posible and as easy as we can design them. We believe time is the biggest constraint in a software adoption process.

Other Investments

Latin Payments Inc. is a minority investor in several other SaaS intiatives in Latam such as: Taxo (www.taxo.co), Ticket Facil (www.ticketfacil.ec) and Buen Trip Ventures (www.buentrip.vc).

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